eMeni ● More than a digital menu!

Use a digital menu instead of a printed one, speed up the ordering process, increase turnover, and provide a better experience for your guests. eMeni offers a complete order management system for catering establishments.

How does eMeni work?

1. The guest scans a QR code with their phone

2. The digital menu opens

3. The guest can order directly from the digital menu


Advantages of using eMeni

Your restaurant's service becomes faster and safer

By reducing the interaction between your waiters and clients, the restaurant's service becomes much faster.

Multilingual support

Allow guests to view the menu in their language. eMeni enables easy automatic translation of the menu into all world languages.

Reduce operating costs

With the self-ordering feature, you can reduce the number of waiters, as they will not have to spend precious time waiting for guests to decide what to order. You can reduce the number of your staff without compromising the quality of your restaurant's service and thus reduce salary costs. Additional profit can be used to increase your team's salaries! We are all aware that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find trained staff.

Reduce printing costs

Since you will be working with a digital menu, you won't have to worry about replacing the printed menu. Moreover, the digital menu is essential if you run a restaurant that constantly offers new dishes or changes its menu often. Say goodbye to the graphic designer and the pringing company!


That's not all

Easy menu design

By eliminating the printed menu, you can change the digital one whenever you want. Place the most profitable or delicious items at the beginning, spend stocks by promoting dishes. All changes you make to your establishment's menu are immediately visible to your guests. You can easily change the price of any dish or hide dishes that are currently not available wherever you are. eMeni is accessible from any location in the world.

Increase your revenue

During the rush hour in your establishment, the faster your service, the higher your revenue. The easiest way to increase your turnover is by maintaining exceptionally efficient service when the restaurant is busiest.


tri-telefona (1)

Check your bill

The guest has the option to check the current table charge at any time.

Call waiter

With one click through eMeni, the guest can signal the waiter to come to their table.

Request bill cash/card

The guest has the option to request a bill from eMeni, and the waiter will immediately receive the request.

Connect to WiFi

Details for connecting to the restaurant's wireless network are available, as well as the option for the guest to show a QR code to their company so they can also connect to the wireless network.

eMeni orders and guest requests arrive directly in eBar.

In addition, all products and prices are automatically synchronized from eBar.

Notification display on different devices

All notifications about orders and other guest requests, in addition to arriving on the computer where the POS program is, can also arrive on the mobile devices of waiters.

Our QR digital menu is the best solution for your restaurant, cafe, or hotel